Technical service bulletin

The issue relates to 2 x specific batches of aluminium cylinder used in the manufacture of the FE-F600-AE-EUR unit. The first manufactured between Sept 2020 > Dec 2020 and the second manufactured in MAY 2021 and AUGUST 2021. Following thorough investigation, which has included X-ray Computed Tomography a thinning of the cylinder wall has been detected due to an undeclared reduction in cylinder material. Under certain conditions complete failure is occurring, causing damage to customers’ property and expulsion of content subsequently damaging the customers’ property. Full failure may be attributed to climatic conditioning i.e., prolonged, and repeated exposure to temperature variation/fluctuation from heat sourcing that is affecting the cylinders integrity.

Affected Models

FE-F600-AE-EUR – Angeleye aerosol extinguisher 600ml.

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Should you find yourself affected, in the first instance, please contact us on our dedicated support email: